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  • Affordable, comfortable and easy. Home cleaning is aimed at private customers, and the service is growing ever popular. Select a suitable frequency and price from the package and forward your request to our sales manager, who will contact you, survey your home and enter into a contract for services. Your home will be cleaned by the same cleaner every day on the agreed time and day.
  • Affordable, reliable and professional. The office cleaning service is aimed at business customers, and the office is cleaned on the agreed time and days. The cleaning service is a comfortable choice, because you will no longer have to spend energy on finding a cleaner, waste money on cleaning supplies and equipment or find a replacement for the cleaner during special events. Our cleaners are trustworthy, trained and experienced employees, and we use the most professional and modern equipment and technology in our work.
  • Professional counselling and consultation with respect to cleaning. Request information from the consultant of home and office cleaning: Rene Tühane, rene@kuldsedkaed.ee, 5027711