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The client, as you, contacts us via our application, website, telephone, etc. You give us as much information about the premises as possible and our sales representatives will come to meet you. We don’t easily give out offers without seeing the object, for making a direct contact and price offer after that avoids all misunderstandings by either party afterward.

After that a fixed price offer will be sent to you and by agreeing the works would begin. On the occasion of regular cleaning agreements you would receive a personal client manager who will always be there for you and answer to whatsoever questions you might have. The client manager is also responsible for the cleaner and would make agreed visits to the object so supervise all the works done.

If any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Cleaning packages

    Kuldsed_Käed_185x185_koristusOffice cleaning. See more here.

    Home cleaning. See more here.




  • Free consultation


    Rene_TühaneProfessional counselling and consultations with respect to cleaning. Necessary for making the right decisions in issues concerning cleaning (why? when? how?).

  • Maintenance of floor surfaces


    Kuldsed_Käed_põrandapinnadWaxing floors.

    The objective of waxing floors is to simplify maintenance, make floors durable against scratches and stains and increase their resistance to moisture. Waxing also makes the floor shine nicely and fills in micro-scratches on the floor surface, thus protecting it from further wear and tear. PROCESS: removing easily movable furniture pieces, removing an old wax layer from the floor using a special alkaline (pH approx. 13-14) cleaning agent. After removing the wax, the floor must be rinsed and cleaned with a water absorber; the floor is then covered with a new layer of wax. 2 layers of wax are applied to PVC flooring. The frequency of applying a new layer of wax depends on how often the room is used or the floor is walked on and the type of wax being used. In the home environment, waxing usually takes place 1-2 times per year and in public rooms 2-4 times per year.

    Dry cleaning carpets

    PROCESS: removing easily movable furniture pieces, vacuuming loose rubbish, the carpet is sprayed with a cleaning agent that enables removing the dirt easily. The carpet is then cleaned with a machine that is used to rub the dirt off the carpet. The cleaning agent together with the dirt is rinsed and removed from the carpet using a water absorber. Final drying time of carpets is up to 12 hours depending on the temperature and ventilation of the room. The carpet should be cleaned depending on how often it is walked on and how dirty it is, on average twice a year.

    Oiling wooden floors

    PROCESS: removing easily movable furniture pieces, vacuuming loose rubbish, removing stains, spraying with a cleaning agent, machine washing, applying treatment oil, treating with a rubbing machine, removing excessive oil, treating with a polishing machine.

    Varnishing floors

    Sanding and varnishing wooden floors, parquet floors and stairs. The objective is to protect and preserve the durability and appearance of flooring. PROCESS: the old varnish is sanded off the flooring with a sander, and a new layer of varnish is then applied to the floor. The frequency of maintenance should be monitored according to the level of wear and tear.

  • Cleaning windows

    Kuldsed_Käed_185x185_aknadCleaning windows – windows are cleaned from the inside and outside. The cleaning also includes cleaning windowsills and frames. Windows are mostly cleaned in spring and autumn (minimum temperature +5 °C). To get a better result, it is recommended to clean windows in a dry weather. Windows are cleaned with the help of a ladder, lift truck or scaffold, if necessary.

    Washing façades – the façade is washed with a brush and a pressure washer, using cleaning agents that are applied to the façade with the pressure jet. Dirt is then rubbed until it is loose and rinsed off with a pressure washer. The minimum suitable temperature for washing is +5 °C. The façade is cleaned with the help of a ladder, lift truck or scaffold, if necessary.

  • Post construction and repairs clean-up

    Kuldsed_Käed_remontThe objective of the post construction and repairs clean-up is to remove construction dust and rubbish, clean all the rooms (including windows, doors, stairs, restrooms, shower rooms, etc.), floors are waxed where necessary. Rooms are ready to be used after the clean-up.

  • Additional services


    Kuldsed_Käed_lisateenusedCleaning soft furnishings – pressure jet is used to spray cleaning agent on the fabric of the furnishings, which soaks into the fabric and loosens the dirt. The surface of the fabric is then brushed and rinsed. Cleaning agent together with dirt is removed from the fabric using a water absorber. Final drying time of furnishings is up to 12 hours depending on the temperature of the room.

    Repairs and maintenance of gardens and fences – due to the snowy winter, snow damages have caused the need to repair gardens. Our team has decided to lend their helping (golden) hands to restoring gardens as well.

    Landscaping – mowing the lawn, shaping trees, pruning hedges.

    Pottery work – ovens, stoves, heating walls, potter. Building ovens, stoves and heating walls in a few days. Do not hesitate to request a personal proposal.