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Privacy policy

Kuldsed Käed has undertaken the obligation to protect the privacy of its clients and users. Due to that we have drawn up these privacy policy principles that consider collection, use, disclosure, sending and storing of customer data. Our activities on the internet are in line with all relevant activities and respective legal acts of the European Union and laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Collection of personal data

Collection of personal data may take place in the following manners:

Kuldsed Käed collects and processes only the personal data that are necessary for providing services to customers at stores and e-shop and for operating our loyal customer program.

Kuldsed Käed processes the following personal data:

Depending on the needs and circumstances, Kuldsed Käed has the right to process only a part of the aforementioned personal data.

Using the collected personal data

The collected personal data are used for offering our services and products to you, and for performing other obligations that we may have in relation to you. Additionally, the collected personal data may be used for developing customer relations between us and you, and to the extent allowed with legal acts, for informational services, advertising and marketing as well as statistical purposes.

Disclosing collected personal data

The collected personal data may be issued from the database to the extent allowed and required by applicable laws, for example, without limitations for public authorities.